Brock star Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers shirt

Brock star Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers shirt

Our very dear friends, husband and wife, are in the last stages of pancreatic cancer. The Brock star Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers shirt was sick way earlier and has gone thru multiple “cures” to the extent of going to South America for treatments. The wife was not diagnosed until stage four. They have excellent doctors, who have tried every test they could possibly try so I don’t understand why they didn’t catch the wife’s cancer sooner. But, that being said, it looks like even if they had, it wouldn’t have made any difference because they are both dying of it at the same time and would not have been able to cure her either. You would think by now they would at least be able to diagnose pancreatic cancer since they are very aware of it killing without realizing a person has it. I hope, by us posting these comments about this particular cancer here, people will be more aware of this killer and catch the cancer before it’s too late.

Brock star Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers shirt

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Brock star Brock Purdy San Francisco 49ers shirt

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