Santa Joe Biden let’s go brandon this is my Ugly Christmas shirt

Most families will put up a Christmas tree. Snow is hard to find, but this does not stop ambitious young people from hanging cotton wool all over their trees to replicate the snow-covered evergreen trees. A lot of enhancements and decorations are handmade, and stars are everywhere. My father set up Christmas stars in various places and titles of the house to invite companions, neighbors and family members to our house during Christmas.
Christmas cooking also started very early. Christmas desserts-basically starting from Goa and adjusted in the rest of the title-are often called “kuswar” and they range from very delicious thick Christmas nut cakes to rose desserts and “kidiyo” (actually Explained as worms, but these are wavy mixed balls fried in a pan, finishing with powdered sugar). We also made sweet dumplings called “New Rio” filled with palm sugar, sweet coconut flour and sesame seeds. Delicious banana chips, fresh chaklis (a round exquisite roasted meat made from lentils), cardamom and cashew almond biscuits bring together a variety of flexible Christmas delicacies.

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