You Are My Sunshine Only My Sunshine Johnny Cash Shirt

You Are My Sunshine Only My Sunshine Johnny Cash Shirt

Delores, at ten weeks old, was quickly getting integrated into the You Are My Sunshine Only My Sunshine Johnny Cash Shirt of the flock. Because these six little chicks started out in an aquarium with a heat lamp in my study, then moved to a large hamster cage, then finally outside in a cage kept inside the barn, the grown chickens had all slowly acclimated to seeing Delores and his sisters. However, the first few times I put the babies in the open with the hens, I cautiously supervised the meeting. There was blustering and a little pushing by the big chickens – similar to what you might see on a junior high playground the first week of school – but nothing too severe. Once when the largest hen, Joan Crawford, pulled at Delores’s tail, he ran to me and flew into my arms – but when I scolded Joan and she stalked off to pout, Delores was brave enough to go back and try again. The pecking order shook out fairly easily within a couple days, with Delores towards the middle.

You Are My Sunshine Only My Sunshine Johnny Cash Shirt

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